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Anapaya Systems raises CHF 2 million seed funding

Posted by Anapaya on 03 October, 2018

Anapaya Systems AG, an ETH spin-off, raised CHF 2 million seed funding to commercialize disruptive SCION technology – SCION was developed at the ETH Zurich and offers highly secure and optimized Internet communication.


The SCION secure Internet architecture developed at ETH Zurich is a next-generation disruptive network technology that provides state-of-the-art secure interdomain routing, DDoS defense, secure PKI, and an unprecedented level of availability.

The SCION architecture was developed at ETH Zurich with support of industry partners such as Swisscom and SWITCH. Over the past 8 years, an estimated 100 person-years have flown into the design and implementation of the SCION architecture.

The strong interest from corporations in SCION has led to the demand for a commercial solution. As a consequence, ETH Professors Adrian Perrig, David Basin and Peter Müller and MSc ETH Samuel Hitz founded Anapaya Systems in mid-2017. One year later Anapaya already serves several institutional customers.

Investors in the fast-growing networking solutions firm include the founders, employees and private investors.

“SCION is uniquely positioned as it solves the root causes of the Internet’s security problems – in contrast to other solutions focused on solving symptoms. Many corporations have shown a strong interest in our solutions and we look forward to serve them through Anapaya Systems.”, states Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig, ETH Professor and Chairman of Anapaya Systems.

“With the funding we will broaden our client base and prepare our firm for scalable growth. Additionally, we will strengthen our management team with skills in sales, marketing and management.”, says Samuel Hitz, Chief Executive Officer of Anapaya Systems.