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ETH Zurich

The Challenge

Research generates a lot of data, and supercomputers require a lot of bandwidth...

With teams scattered across different sites and around the world, a group of Swiss research institutes needed to be able to securely transmit and share data between themselves and trusted partners.

Where possible, their goal was to be able to optimise the use of their existing networks. With much of the information being of a sensitive nature, the challenge for the institutions was to ensure that there was security and trust between partners.


The Solution

By deploying a state-of-the-art SCION-architecture, the institutions were able to securely share information and interconnect their various networks and research locations.

Using Anapaya CORE, they were able to implement cost effective routers using off-the-shelf HP Proliant servers.

Anapaya EDGE gateways in each of their locations provided a high speed connection to the SCION-Internet.

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The Results

  • Higher speed transmission
  • Cost-effective 100Gbit/s routing hardware
  • Increased data security
  • BGP-free communications

Using Anapaya and a SCION-based network, their information then travelled securely within their own networks. It also flowed transparently between the research institutes through their regular ISP.

Their SCION network was able to reach and maintain speeds of 100Gbps with Anapaya CORE and EDGE installed on commercial off-the-shelf HPE Proliant servers. In addition, with no need for BGP between the organisations, their data security and network reliability was also increased.

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