Government-grade connectivity

As data continually becomes a priceless asset, governments are increasingly becoming a target for cybercrime and sabotage. Only Anapaya’s SCION-internet provides the security and control governments need to protect their data and confidential communications.

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Internationally-renowned brands choose Anapaya for their networking needs

Using the public internet is full of risk

Government communications are only as viable as how reliable and secure they are. One of our government clients discovered that there is a solution, in SCION.

Our client, a government agency, needed to be able to provide secure and reliable connections between key locations around the world and their central country headquarters.

Their existing solution was often slow, had minimal resilience, and often relied on the public internet.

Having tried using a combination of private lines and standard internet connectivity, they were faced with the challenge of getting information back to their home network in a secure and trustworthy manner.


Secure and reliable connections with SCION

The government turned to Anapaya to become SCION-abled for their solution.

Each of the remote offices installed Anapaya EDGE gateways connected through the service providers of their choice who adopted Anapaya CORE. Among these ISPs, some of them benefit from the Anapaya CONNECT transit service to exchange traffic with their peers.

The government now uses the SCION-Internet to provide a secure and cost-effective connection between each of their key premises and their home location. In addition to more secure communications, they now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and impervious failover solutions.

Benefits from our solution

Anapaya features sophisticated solutions for next-gen networks


Avoid countries and locations with histories of insecure and unpredictable digital security.

Data Compliance

Control where your data goes and comply with regulatory and internal security requirements.

Fast Failover Solutions

Instantly reroute data to maintain continuity or boost performance in the case of failure or maintenance.

Secure Networking

Avoid routing attacks and be protected from DDoS attacks with hidden paths and source authentication.

Controlled Connectivity

Enables the sender of data to select their end-to-end data paths and control who sees their data.

Boosted Performance

Better performance based on cost or latency level rules and multiple path options to never experience downtime.

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Protect and secure your digital assets from external parties with Anapaya. Only SCION can offer the level of security demanded by national organisations around the world.