The SCION Internet.
Reliable, Flexible, Secure.

We combine the security of private networks with
the flexibility of the internet.

The SCiON Internet.
Reliable, Flexible, Secure.

We combine the security of private networks with
the flexibility of the internet.

Experts trust us

Internationally renowned brands choose Anapaya for their networking needs

The Internet is not secure

The Internet is vulnerable. Its protocol is 34 years old--an eternity in the IT world, and it's under attack. See the Twitter feed on BGP hijacking, attacks, and misconfigurations happening right now. 

Businesses are constantly in danger of…

  • Data and information leaks 

  • DDoS and Routing attacks 

  • Non-compliance with internal policies 

  • Unreliable connections 

  • Stringent and inflexible networking


SCION - Your first line of defense

Regain control over your data - SCION’s premium paths enhance your connectivity and put you in the driver’s seat

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Cost reduction
Co2 reduction


Check out how SCION optimizes your connection based on your preferences in the above interactive map.

*Map is for visualization purposes only. Contact us for a tailored demonstration.

We've upgraded the Internet with SCION

Anapaya’s SCION Internet protects your data, reliably connecting you to the world without risk or noticeable interruptions

Controlled Data Exchange

Set up path selection policies to avoid certain regions and comply with regulatory requirements.

Secure Networking

Avoid routing attacks and be protected from DDoS attacks with hidden paths and source authentication.

Optimal Connections

Instantly reroute data to multiple paths to boost performance and never experience downtime.

Cloud Connectivity

Guarantee your connection to cloud service providers without the need for dedicated leased lines.

SCION - a brief history

Our CTO and co-founder, Samuel Hitz describes the development of SCION and the critical role it plays in today’s digital environment.

Fortify your existing defence systems

SCION is the most robust transport layer for app security, ensuring your data is secure in transit -
whether you use blockchain, SD-WAN, VPN or any other encryption tools.



SCION complements SD-WANs with end-to-end path control and deep network insights.

Encrypted VPN

SCION safeguards VPN connections over the Internet from a device to a network.



SCION supports blockchain systems with a solid and extremely reliable foundation.

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