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The SCION Internet architecture developed at ETH Zurich is a disruptive technology that provides secure inter-domain routing, QoS, DDoS defense mechanisms, resilient public-key infrastructures, and an unprecedented level of availability. We leverage the SCION architecture to offer next-generation Internet services and address the flaws and limitations of today’s Internet.

Disruptive Technology

SCION is a clean-slate re-design of core Internet protocols. Our aim is to provide SD-WAN properties for every Internet connection.

Multipath Communication

SCION enables the simultaneous use of multiple paths, transparently hiding failures as traffic is immediately shifted to functioning links.

Business Continuity

In case of outages, multipath communication, secure link revocation, and isolation result in a seamless redirection of traffic to working paths.

Security & Resilience

The SCION architecture, with security and decentralization as primary objectives, is resilient to failures, misconfiguration, and compromise.

Formal Verification

Verifiable routers provide ISPs with proofs of backdoor-freedom and absence of software errors.

Network Management

Customers can decide which network paths they announce, without involving their ISP.

Lower Costs

Our technology offers approximate leased-line properties at nearly the cost of a regular Internet connection.

Path Control

SCION’s path control system allows customers to select the path a packet will traverse, enabling QoS and traffic prioritization.

Bandwidth Guarantees

Inter-domain resource allocation enables customers to thwart DDoS attacks and network congestion though global bandwidth reservations.

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