Next-Generation Internet.
Reliable. Secure.

We ensure real control over how data travels the internet. Through the next-generation internet, Anapaya delivers secure, performant and trusted WAN communications.


The Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN)

The SCIONTM Protocol


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Swisscom and Anapaya team up

Enhancing WAN connectivity with the Next-Generation Internet

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With an exponentially growing need for secure connections between offices, partners and cloud-based applications, private networks based on MPLS or similar technologies are no longer a viable option. Anapaya provides secure and trusted communication; sending information between corporate sites, trusted partners, and cloud providers.

The next-generation internet is here, now.

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The next-generation internet combines the security and reliability of private networks with the flexibility of the internet.

It is an international ecosystem of telecom, network, co-location, and cloud service providers that collaborate to create a new B2B-oriented internet.

It connects users, partners, and customers to their apps and resources in a more efficient, controllable and secure way.

Any organisation can join with Anapaya CONNECT or through a partnering ISP.

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Top reasons to choose Anapaya


Share with the world

Ubiquitous connectivity to numerous organisations and service providers through the SCION-Internet.


Enforce data compliance

Control where your data goes. Comply with regulatory and internal security requirements. Secured against route hijacking.


Stay optimally connected

Instantly reroute data to retain business continuity or increase performance. Protected against DDoS attacks.


Attach as you want

Choose to connect through your existing internet access or directly by ethernet within 60+ data centres. Or go through partners.

051020 Fritz Steinmann SIX

Customer Testimonial - SIX

A new communication service for the Swiss financial centre is under development with Anapaya playing a key role in providing the technological framework.

In this video, SIX network security architect Fritz Steinmann shares his vision of the Next-Generation Internet and how Anapaya makes it possible by providing the technical foundation.

To watch our Swisscom Customer Testimonial video, click the link below:

Swisscom Testimonial 

Connect to a global network

Anapaya CONNECT provides secure Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in 60+ datacenters around the globe enabling you to connect from wherever you are located.


Benefits of Anapaya CONNECT



Know where your data goes and how it gets there. Full control of which jurisdiction your data stays in or travels through.



Single point of access to all other companies connected to the global network.



All paths are authenticated, resilient to misconfiguration or failure and protected against routing attacks.



Hidden-paths and dynamic resource allocation designed specifically to thwart DDoS attacks.



Multiple network paths with instant fail-over ensure that network failures and changes go unnoticed by end-users.



Automatically chooses the best path for network traffic based on cost or latency level rules.



Scale your network as your business grows. Only pay for your connection ports and for the transit level you really need.



Detailed performance metrics and network monitoring provide unparalleled insights into your network traffic.

Ready to connect your business with Anapaya?

You can attach to Anapaya CONNECT through:

  • A fully private ethernet connection, from any network service provider to any one of our 60+ gateways within well-located data centres.
  • A tunnel over your internet access to one of our regional internet gateways.
  • A partnering ISP who offers all-in-one SCION connectivity.

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Anapaya EDGE is your endpoint gateway to the global network.  It is where you define your business policies and control your network utilisation. Gain an EDGE on the competition, and discover the potential of the  next-generation internet today.

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Anapaya is delivering the next generation of the internet, today.

If you need to connect mission critical information, through a trusted and secure network, contact us or book an introductory meeting now.

Service providers, do you want to join the next-generation internet?

We are continually working with internet, network, co-location and cloud service providers to expand the SCION-Internet. If you would like to be part of the next-generation internet, talk to our partner team.