Join the future of secure, resilient, and controlled connectivity with SCION

Ensure business continuity, network availability, and ultimate security by preventing cyberattacks that target your critical infrastructure with SCION-based solutions.

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Is your business exposed to Internet vulnerabilities?

Transform your connectivity landscape and shield your business against cyber hijacking and DDoS attacks, while improving your system’s performance.


Cyberattacks and
security gaps

Shield your business from cyber threats and vulnerabilities present in the current Internet by adopting a security-focused solution.


Limited network

Overcome your network challenges associated with customizing paths, restricting access, and managing performance.



Ensure uninterrupted services by addressing connectivity issues, minimizing downtime, and optimizing network resilience.



Effectively manage and optimize network metrics and eliminate challenges associated with performance inconsistencies.

Experience a new standard of security,
reliability, and flexibility in global networking

Imagine an Internet where you are safe from attackers, always connected, and in control of your data's journey - Anapaya makes it a reality with SCION.


Vulnerability trace

40% of cyber incidents in Switzerland are traced back to vulnerabilities in Internet-connected systems.


Daily DDoS attacks

In 2021, Switzerland faced 150 daily DDoS attacks intensified in 2Q23, targeting critical sectors like government, healthcare, and transportation.



Swiss banks faced over 8 million scans for vulnerabilities and 85,000 attacks with malicious intent.

Anapaya Console dashboard with network overview.

We’re revolutionizing the Internet with SCION

Discover a seamless, secure, and uninterrupted digital experience with Anapaya's solutions powered by SCION, fusing the accessibility of the public Internet with the security of a private network.


Unprecedented control

Determine access levels for each provider, precisely define the data path, and fine-tune performance for every connection.


Inherently secure

Built inherently secure, from the ground up to address vulnerabilities present in today's Internet, providing a robust defense against potential threats.


Always available

Designed for resilience while ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of disruptions, making your critical services consistently available.


Optimized performance

Optimize your network's performance across various metrics, including latency, jitter, and drop rate, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience.

SCION Internet

What does SCION
Internet do differently?

The traditional Internet relies on a 34-year-old border gateway protocol, lacking the foundation for fast, reliable, and secure connectivity. Organizations now require easy-to-manage, robust, and secure solutions to ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

Anapaya connects organisations and
end users on the SCION Internet.

Leveraging Anapaya's SCIONabled solutions organizations are empowered to improve their business continuity and global performance. Experience a network where interruptions and security concerns are virtually nonexistent, providing seamless access and usage for unparalleled reliability.

SCION network diagram showing connections between headquarters, ISPs, AWS, Azure, and sites.

Empower your
customers to benefit from
the best of the Internet

Join forces with Anapaya and design tailored
paths aligned with your customer policies,
jurisdiction compliance, Cloud-based service
needs, and more.

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