Fortify your remote work operations with SCION

Shield your critical infrastructure from cyber
threats, eliminate conventional VPN vulnerabilities, and
ensure the safety of your remote work operations.


Cybersecurity gaps

Remote services and VPNs are exposed to heightened cybersecurity risks, facing potential vulnerabilities that cyber threats exploit for unauthorized access and data breaches.


Network disruptions

Remote workforce networks often struggle with connectivity issues, disruptions, and limitations in performance management, impacting the seamless operation of critical services.


Data confidentiality concerns

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data within VPN services remains a challenge for many businesses, with potential risks of data theft and unauthorized access.

Elevate VPN services and remote work
reliability with SCION

Unlock the full potential of your remote workforce and VPN services with Anapaya's SCION solutions.

Improved connectivity control

Gain enhanced control over your VPN and remote workforce networks with SCION, allowing tailored customization of network paths.

Diagram showing SCION network with VPN connections for remote workers through ISPs, including Swisscom, Sunrise, and SwissIX.

Resilient architecture

SCION's robust architecture guarantees business continuity and uninterrupted operations for your VPN services, minimizing downtime risks.

Diagram showing SCION network with VPN connections for remote workers through ISPs, including Swisscom, Sunrise, and SwissIX.

Intrusion-resistant security

SCION provides an inherently secure environment for VPN services, preventing intrusion attacks and safeguarding the integrity of your network.

Diagram showing SCION network with VPN connections for remote workers through ISPs, including Swisscom, Sunrise, and SwissIX.

We’re revolutionizing the Internet with SCION

Seamless, secure, and uninterrupted, blending public Internet accessibility with private network security.


Unprecedented control

Determine access levels for each provider, precisely define the data path, and fine-tune performance for every connection.


Inherently secure

Built inherently secure, from the ground up to address vulnerabilities present in today's Internet, providing a robust defense against potential threats.


Always available

Designed for resilience while ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of disruptions, making your critical services consistently available.


Optimized performance

Optimize your network's performance across various metrics, including latency, jitter, and drop rate, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience.

Secure your network with Anapaya

Anapaya's SCION solutions offer end-to-end path control, protection against route
hijacking, prevention of DDoS attacks, and deeper network insights.


Achieve transparency and control with Anapaya EDGE, ensuring compliance, governance, and optimal connectivity through unique rerouting.


Control service visibility with Anapaya GATE, ensuring business continuity through inherent DDoS prevention and simplified user experiences.

Empowering VPN security with SCION

Provide a seamless remote work experience by ensuring controlled exposure, invisible routes, advanced security, and reliable connectivity in your VPN infrastructure with Anapaya GATE.

controlled exposure
Controlled VPN exposure

Tailor your VPN paths, precisely determining where your service endpoints are announced, providing controlled and secure connectivity.

Invisible VPN paths

Anapaya GATE ensures that VPN traffic remains within trusted networks, minimizing exposure to potential threats and bolstering overall security.

Advanced security measures

Fortify your VPN infrastructure against cyber threats using SCION's cutting-edge security features, enhancing defense mechanisms.

Reliable VPN connectivity

SCION guarantees uninterrupted VPN operations by optimizing connections, instantly rerouting data, and providing constant, reliable connectivity.

Anapaya GATE eBook on preventing DDoS and intrusion attacks for VPN services.

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