Introducing SCION:
The future of Internet connectivity

Transition from the outdated border gateway protocol
to SCION's advanced network architecture,
engineered for the demands of modern business.


The problem with the
traditional Internet

While the public Internet provides universal access, it falls short in
security, reliability, and control, posing significant risks for
businesses. Its outdated protocols and infrastructure are not
equipped to handle the evolving landscape of cyber threats or the
growing demands for stable and fast connectivity, leading to
potential disruptions and vulnerabilities. 

Today’s solutions such as MPLS, SD-WAN, or VPNs solve part of the
problem, but are often expensive, offer no control, and lack
flexibility and scalability.


We're revolutionizing the Internet with SCION

In response to the modern network's demands and challenges, developed at ETH Zurich, SCION is a
pioneering Internet architecture that’s raising communication in public networks to a new level of
security. Anapaya’s SCION-based solutions blend the reach of the public Internet with the robust security
associated with private network infrastructure, ensuring flexibility, efficiency, and the highest
requirements for compliance and resilience.


Path control & multipath

SCION allows the sender to control the routing, choosing exactly how and where data packets travel. With the multipath feature, senders can choose multiple paths at the same time.


Isolation domain

SCION’s isolation domain creates a secure unit, linking service providers and users in a trusted environment. This setup enhances security and simplifies network management.


Explicit trust

With SCION, visualize and authenticate your data’s route using cryptographic methods. This explicit trust mechanism ensures secure and transparent data transmission.

SCION explained: A new era for networks

SCION, which stands for Scalability, Control, and Isolation on Next-generation Networks, redefines how data moves across the Internet. Unlike traditional Internet protocols that route data along arbitrary paths, SCION allows for precise control over the data flow, ensuring that packets travel through pre-defined, secure paths.

With SCION, data traffic is not only more secure but also more resilient. The protocol’s multi-path routing capability ensures that even if one path fails, data can instantly switch to another route, maintaining uninterrupted service and offering organizations a more reliable, secure, and compliant way to transmit data.

“SCION is a fantastic engineering achievement and offers more control and security. The innovation ecosystem around SCION is unique.”
Dr. Vincent Lenders
Head of Cyber Defense Campus
Federal Office for Defense Procurement Armasuisse
“With SCION, we have achieved the desired resilience against cyber-attacks.”
William Boye
Head of Network Services
Swiss National Bank
“What makes SCION powerful is its ability to effectively render our connections invisible, away from malicious actors online.”
Urs Fischer
Leader of Business Development & Innovation at HIN

Anapaya: Connecting providers and
end users on the SCION Internet

Anapaya is your entry to the SCION Internet, linking businesses and users to a network designed for
modern digital demands. Our SCIONabled solutions improve your organization’s continuity and global
reach, minimize downtime and security risks, and ensure smooth and secure operations:



Revolutionize ISP networks with Anapaya CORE, saving costs, empowering end-users, and simplifying traffic engineering.



Achieve transparency and control with Anapaya EDGE, ensuring compliance, governance, and optimal connectivity through unique rerouting.



Optimize service visibility with Anapaya GATE, ensuring seamless business continuity through inherent DDoS prevention.

The power of isolation domains in SCION

SCION’s architecture is structured around Isolation Domains
(ISD), which can be joined together to form large networks.
These domains group together Autonomous Systems (AS),
enabling secure and reliable network communication. Each
AS requires a specific certificate to join an ISD, ensuring
network access and routing are strictly regulated, with
enforced policies maintaining secure and efficient data flow
to ensure compliance.

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