Defend Your Business-Critical
Services Against DDoS Attacks
with Anapaya GATE

Take your critical services such as your websites and VPN
endpoints off the standard internet path.
Eliminate traditional network vulnerabilities, and protect
your organization from cyber threats.

Remote work is here to stay, but so are cyber threats

With the rise of remote work, employees are vulnerable to cyber threats that pose significant security, availability, and confidentiality risks. With increased attack surface and attackers constantly updating their techniques to disrupt operations, data theft, direct financial theft, and data integrity and sabotage risks cannot be ignored. 
DDoS Attacks
Data and information theft
BGP hijacking
Man-in-the-middle attacks

Anapaya GATE is the way forward

The Anapaya GATE is the solution you need to help ensure the security and reliability of your remote workforce. As the entry point to the SCION Internet, your business-critical services are available to your remote workers via the safest corner of the internet, specially designed for critical infrastructure.

Secure access to business-critical services for your remote workforce

  • Enhanced security with invisibility

    Anapaya GATE hides your critical services from cybercriminals by taking them off the standard internet path and reducing your attack surface.

  • Cloud connectivity enhancement

    Experience improved cloud connections with Anapaya GATE, providing higher availability and lower latency than existing internet connections.

  • Guaranteed business continuity

    With real-time failover features, Anapaya GATE minimizes potential downtime and ensures business continuity even in the event of a network failure.

  • Geofencing for data protection

    Ensure compliance and meet regulatory requirements with Anapaya GATE’s geofencing capabilities, supporting your data protection policies.

From vulnerable to invisible: The power of Anapaya GATE

This innovative solution provides secured access to business-critical services while reducing your attack surface by hiding them from the internet world.

With real-time failover features, geofencing capabilities, and boosted cloud connections, Anapaya GATE guarantees business continuity and improves your data protection policies. Say goodbye to the barriers of remote work and open the gate to secure connectivity with Anapaya GATE.

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