Guard your IoT network against cyber threats

Move your critical IoT services away from the standard Internet path and fortify them with Anapaya's SCION-powered solutions.


Cyber threat vulnerability

IoT services face increased vulnerability to cyber threats due to the interconnected nature of devices, making them entry points for attackers.


Lack of network control

IoT networks often struggle with customizing paths, restricting access, and managing performance effectively, limiting their overall control.


Connectivity disruptions

Susceptible to connectivity issues and service disruptions, IoT services face challenges that can impact the seamless operation of critical devices and services.

upgraded the Internet with SCION

Discover a seamless, secure, and uninterrupted digital experience with Anapaya's solutions powered by SCION, fusing the accessibility of the public Internet with the security of a private network.


Unprecedented control

Determine access levels for each provider, precisely define the data path, and fine-tune performance for every connection.


Inherently secure

Built inherently secure, from the ground up to address vulnerabilities present in today's Internet, providing a robust defense against potential threats.


Always available

Designed for resilience while ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of disruptions, making your critical services consistently available.


Optimized performance

Optimize your network's performance across various metrics, including latency, jitter, and drop rate, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience.

Revolutionizing IoT connectivity with SCION

Ensure end-to-end security

SCION Internet provides a secure environment for IoT services, preventing intrusion attacks and ensuring the integrity of your network.

SCION network diagram connecting IoT devices, HQ, cloud, and various ISPs.

Customized path selection

With SCION, tailor the network paths for your IoT services, gaining unparalleled control over data routing, access restrictions, and performance management.

SCION network diagram connecting IoT devices, HQ, cloud, and various ISPs.

Uninterrupted IoT services

SCION's robust architecture guarantees business continuity for your IoT network, minimizing downtime risks and offering seamless connectivity even in the face of disruptions.

SCION network diagram connecting IoT devices, HQ, cloud, and various ISPs.

How Anapaya empowers IoT ecosystems

Discover how SCION Internet elevates device security, tailors connectivity, and
 ensures resilient IoT networks.


Enhanced device security

SCION Internet ensures heightened security for IoT devices, strategically exposing them only to selected ISPs, shielding against potential threats, and preserving network integrity.

Tailored connectivity

SCION provides bespoke network path customization, granting unprecedented control over data routing, access restrictions, and performance management for your IoT services.


DDoS prevention

By concealing critical services, switching to SCION Internet reduces the attack surface, fortifying your IoT network against disruptions for uninterrupted operations.

Control and invisibility for your IoT network

Shape your IoT connectivity with the Anapaya GATE’s control mechanisms and invisible pathways.

controlled exposure
Controlled exposure

Anapaya GATE offers precise control over your IoT service exposure by determining the SCIONabled ISPs where your service endpoints are announced.

Invisible pathways

Devices within selected ISPs seamlessly reach your IoT service endpoints, never traversing the public Internet. Outside the selected ISPs, your service endpoints remain invisible, adding an extra layer of security to your IoT network.

Enhanced security

Fortify your IoT services with Anapaya GATE's advanced security measures. Prevent intrusion attacks on your devices and ensure the integrity of your network.

Reliable connectivity

Experience unparalleled reliability in IoT connectivity with Anapaya GATE's optimal connections and instant data rerouting. Ensure your critical devices stay connected, minimizing downtime and disruptions in service availability.

Unlock the full potential of your IoT network with Anapaya solutions

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