Come, meet our team

Meet the team behind the technology. Our dedicated team consists of researchers, industry leaders, angel investors, and world-class engineers.

Anapāya (अनपाय)

In Sanskrit, the word Anapaya means no obstacles, permanence, undiminished, and free from loss or decay.

Anapaya believes in a new world without the threats of cyber security and connectivity failures, a world where we can all connect, freely. Our mission is to introduce SCION as the key to this vision of the future through our technology, effort, and determination.


We put control back in the hands of data owners, enabling them to know where their data goes.


We believe that networking should be a safe and secure process without fear of cyber crime for everyone.


Connectivity and the transformative opportunities it provides should be for the betterment of everyone.


Our solutions are not just for the present but have a view to a future of trust, scalability, and safety.

Our management team

Our management is a team that consists of experts from the tech and telco industries. 


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Dario Colacicco

Chief Product Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Operations Officer


Head of Sales

Our story so far

From its beginnings at ETH Zürich to providing an unprecedented connectivity solution to SCION-enabled governments, institutions, and enterprise ecosystems, Anapaya’s story of success is just beginning.

SCION is developed

Adrian Perrig leads a team of researchers to discover a new network protocol that solves the major vulnerabilities of BGP.


Anapaya Systems created

Anapaya Systems is founded by, Adrian Perrig, David Basin, Peter Muller, and Samuel Hitz


Anapaya meets the high standards of the Swiss National Bank as a software provider

Proving its worth for the financial industry, Anapaya establishes a partnership with SNB.


Anapaya recognized by Gartner and TOP 100 Swiss Startups

Anapaya achieves many notable accomplishments and awards, including being amongst the TOP 100 Swiss Startups.


Anapaya raises over CHF 6.8 million with lead investor SIX FinTech Ventures

In a historic moment for the company, Anapaya secures a substantial investment from SIX and international industry leaders.

2021 June

New Board of Directors formed

Four additional members join to expand Anapaya’s presence internationally, including Andreas Meyer, Olaf Swantee, Gonpo Tsering with Pascal Railland assuming Chair.

2021 July

The SSFN is launched with the Swiss National Bank and SIX

Anapaya delivers the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) with the Swiss National Bank, SIX, Swisscom, Sunrise, and SWITCH to establish the most secure and performant communication network for the financial industry.

2021 July

SCION is implemented for Swiss government initiatives

SCION becomes the network security technology of choice by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Defense.

2021 September

Fireside chats with our CEO Martin

SCION has the potential to impact our daily lives online by providing a solid backbone to power our connections.
Anapaya’s CEO, Martin Bosshardt, discusses how SCION will influence SD-WAN networks, remote working, and what makes SCION exceptional, in these videos.

Fireside chat with Martin_1
FiresideChat with Martin
Fireside chat with Martin_3

World presence

Anapaya provides secure Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in over 60 data centers around the world, enabling you to connect from wherever you are located.

Local partnerships: Canada and Luxembourg