Anapāya (अनपाय)

Derived from Sanskrit, Anapaya signifies a state of no obstacles, permanence, undiminished,
and free from decline - embodying our commitment to overcoming the challenges of digital
connectivity and security.

Our vision and mission

At Anapaya, we are on a mission to revolutionize the Internet by building the secure, resilient, and flexible Internet that our society deserves today. We envision a future where SCION technology integrates seamlessly, delivering a better, safer online experience.


We empower data owners with the ability to track and manage where their data travels, reinstating control and transparency in digital spaces.


Anapaya enables a secure networking environment that guards against cyber threats, ensuring a safe digital experience for all users.


We strive to make digital connections universally available, breaking down barriers to ensure everyone can experience the digital world’s benefits.


Our solutions are designed with the future in mind, focusing on building a scalable, reliable, and secure digital infrastructure for generations to come.

Our management team

Guided by seasoned professionals from the tech and telecommunications sectors, our leadership is the driving force behind our pioneering solutions.

Martin Bosshardt-Chief Executive Officer at Anapaya

Martin Bosshardt

Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Hitz-Chief Technology Officer at Anapaya

Samuel Hitz

Chief Technology Officer

Dario Colacicco-Chief Product Officer at Anapaya

Dario Colacicco

Chief Product Officer

Moritz von Graffenried-Chief Financial Officer at Anapaya

Moritz von Graffenried

Chief Financial Officer

Olivier Moll-Chief Operations Officer at Anapaya

Olivier Moll

Chief Operations Officer

Ivonne Cano-Hälg-Chief Marketing Officer at Anapaya

Ivonne Cano-Hälg

Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Bollhalder-Head of Sales at Anapaya

Patrick Bollhalder

Chief Business Development Officer

Our story so far

From its beginnings at ETH Zürich to its role in equipping SCIONabled
governments, institutions, and business ecosystems with connectivity
solutions, Anapaya is at the forefront of a networking revolution. 

Our journey is marked by significant milestones:

SCION is developed

Adrian Perrig leads a team of researchers to discover a new network protocol that solves the major vulnerabilities of BGP.


Anapaya Systems was created

Adrian Perrig, David Basin, Peter Muller, and Samuel Hitz established Anapaya Systems, laying the groundwork for future-proof networking.


Partnership with the Swiss National Bank

Anapaya meets the high standards of the Swiss National Bank as a software provider, proving its worth for the financial sector.


Recognized by Gartner and TOP 100 Swiss Startups

Anapaya has achieved many notable accomplishments and awards, including being among the TOP 100 Swiss Startups.


Financial milestone achieved

Anapaya celebrates a significant funding milestone, raising over CHF 6.8 million with SIX FinTech Ventures leading the investment.

Jun 2021

Board expansion

Anapaya welcomes four new board members, including Andreas Meyer, Olaf Swantee, Gonpo Tsering, and Pascal Railland as Chair, to expand its presence internationally.

Jul 2021

Launch of SSFN

In collaboration with the Swiss National Bank and SIX, Anapaya launches the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN), setting a new standard for financial communication security.

Jul 2021

SCION is implemented for Swiss government initiatives

The Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs and the Department of Defense selected SCION as their preferred network security technology, endorsing its reliability and security.

Sep 2021

Health secure network is ready

The national healthcare communication and connectivity standard upgrades its network infrastructure with SCION.

Apr 2023

Anapaya GATE expands SCION access in Switzerland

The launch of Anapaya GATE increases SCION access in Switzerland to 100% coverage for critical online business services.

Sep 2023

CHF 10 million founding round

Backed by Cape Capital, Nagy Moustafa, and existing partners including SIX Fintech Venture Fund, Anapaya raises CHF 10 million to drive global expansion and accelerate growth in Switzerland.

May 2024

Fireside chats with our CEO, Martin Bosshardt

SCION has the potential to impact our daily lives by providing a reliable and secure backbone to
power our digital connections. 

Discover how it’s reshaping the digital landscape, enhancing SD-WAN networks, and redefining
remote work through insightful discussions with our CEO, Martin Bosshardt.


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