Secure your web services and apps with SCION

Shield your web services and apps from cyber threats and control service visibility by offering seamless and secure access for users within trusted Internet service providers.


Cyber threat vulnerability

The interconnected nature of online platforms makes web services and apps susceptible to exploitation by malicious actors, DDoS attacks, and intrusion attempts, putting critical digital assets at risk.


Visibility and exposure control

Without proper control mechanisms, web services and apps may be easily accessible to cybercriminals. Customizing and restricting service visibility to specific ISPs becomes essential to mitigate this risk.


Service disruptions and unavailability

Connectivity issues, downtime risks, and disruptions in service impact the operation of critical online platforms. Ensuring continuous connectivity and resilience is more important than ever.

Enhanced security measures for
website services and apps

Intrusion prevention

Protect your web services and apps with SCION's advanced intrusion prevention technology, ensuring the security and privacy of your digital assets.

Automated threat response

Quickly identify and respond to potential malicious actors with a proactive defense mechanism that minimizes the impact of cyber threats on your online presence.

SCION network diagram showing secure connections for web services and apps from HQ and cloud through various ISPs, including Swisscom, Sunrise, and SwissIX, and their users.

We’re revolutionizing the Internet with SCION

Seamless, secure, and uninterrupted, blending public Internet accessibility with private MPLS security.


Unprecedented control

Determine access levels for each provider, precisely define the data path, and fine-tune performance for every connection.


Inherently secure

Built inherently secure, from the ground up to address vulnerabilities present in today's Internet, providing a robust defense against potential threats.


Always available

Designed for resilience while ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of disruptions, making your critical services consistently available.


Optimized performance

Optimize your network's performance across various metrics, including latency, jitter, and drop rate, ensuring a seamless and efficient digital experience.

Fortify your web services and apps with SCION

Shape your online presence with Anapaya’s SCION-based solutions, offering robust security and seamless connectivity.

controlled exposure
Controlled exposure

Ensure the safety of your web services and apps by precisely managing their exposure, deciding where they are visible and accessible, and providing a secure and controlled online environment.

Invisible routes

Leverage Anapaya GATE to keep your web services and apps within trusted networks, ensuring the traffic follows invisible routes, minimizing vulnerability to potential threats, and enhancing overall security.

Advanced security measures

Leverage Anapaya GATE's cutting-edge security features to fortify your web services and apps against cyber threats. Implement advanced security measures to enhance your online defense.

Reliable connectivity

Experience uninterrupted and reliable connectivity for your web services and apps with Anapya GATE. Optimize connections, instantly reroute data, and provide constant, reliable operations to maintain a seamless online presence.

“A completely different view on how intercompany networks are built and operated”

SNB and SIX share the vision of creating a truly next-generation network for financial institutions. The SSFN is a completely different view on how intercompany networks are built and operated, based on the breakthrough technology of SCION. We are proud to be a part of this and of an amazing project team of multiple companies!

Fritz Steinmann
Senior Network and Network
Security Architect, SIX
“Develop new business opportunities faster with more flexibility”

The SSFN offers the same level of security and reliability as before, as well as enabling us to develop new business opportunities faster with more flexibility.

Patrick Bamert
Head of Network and Security
Engineering, Zürcher
Kantonalbank (ZKB)
“An internet for business and critical infrastructure”

Every attempt like the one SCION is driving to redesign information technology with security as a design principle in mind is very exciting. And I believe that it has the potential to become an internet for business and critical infrastructure as it really addresses and resolves the operational risks.

Thomas Holderegger
(SCION Day Event)
Managing Director - Global
Head of Security IT, UBS

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