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SCION-enabled service providers are able to offer their clients a completely new way to connect. Anapaya CONNECT is how service providers connect to other service providers to access the unique potential of the SCION-Internet to their clients reliably, securely and easily.

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A modern, private and flexible SCION-native backbone

Anapaya CONNECT is the first Tier-1 SCION-enabled backbone that acts as a transit service for Service Providers who want to share data with other SCION enabled providers on the market. It is a single port of call for Service Providers to connect to the SCION-Internet and interact with other participant providers in an easy, cost effective and secure way. CONNECT is completely SLA-backed, and offers a pay-as-you-grow plan for maximum flexibility.

Ways to interconnect


Direct Connection

Top peers can connect directly to other participants collocated or locally in easily reachable locations.


SCION-enabled IXP

Connect to other participants in the SCION-Internet directly, go through IXP, or CONNECT - accessibility and possibility meet with Anapaya.


Global SCION-Transit / Anapaya CONNECT

One connection to reach them all. Reach all connect service providers via a single connection with this global service.


Why Anapaya CONNECT?

CONNECT is the first SCION-transit service on a SCION-native backbone that connects to enabled ISPs. As a service provider, you can offer your clients a world of possibilities in the most reliable, secure, easy and cost-effective way on the market.

  • Connect to the SCION-Internet via a single port (1G or 10G)
  • A single, simple connection to all other ISPs through 60+ Carrier Neutral Datacenters
  • Combine the security and reliability of private networks with the universality of the internet.
  • Reduce costs by not needing to buy or lease multiple international lines or perform complex configuration.
  • Extend your reach beyond your network - connect to all other participants in the SCION-Internet.
  • Benefit from a flexible pay-as-you-grow model
  • You are always up-to-date and never need to worry about software updates thanks to our managed service model.
Frequently Asked Questions

SCION-Internet and Anapaya Software


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One Toolset, Complete Access

To become a fully enabled Service Provider, you only need 3 tools from Anapaya.

  • Anapaya EDGE: the gateway to the SCION-Internet for your customers. It allows to implement and manage business policies.
  • Anapaya CORE: the network which builds and provides smart-paths to the EDGE user connections.
  • Anapaya CONNECT: the SCION-transit service that connects enabled ISPs and collects public and private traffic from end-customers.

Are you ready to CONNECT?

Anapaya CONNECT is how Service Providers today will take their network into tomorrow. Through a fully enabled SCION experience, they will open a up a world of possibilities for their clients.

Anapaya is extending their reach in 2020 to access other parts of the world, but if you are within the Euro or Asian region and would like to access the potential of CONNECT, contact Anapaya today for a consultation.

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