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Anapaya EDGE is your gateway to the next-generation internet. It gives businesses the ability to connect their users, partners, and customers to their apps and resources in a more available, efficient and secure way than previously imaginable.

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Features and functionality


Built upon SCION technology

Anapaya EDGE is built upon the SCION technology, a protocol developed for scalability, control, and isolation on next-generation networks. SCION enables route control, failure isolation, and explicit trust information for end-to-end communication while removing the need to use a single global network service provider or private business wide-area networks.


Choose your own path

Anapaya EDGE gives you the ability to create a policy-based path selection built around your unique needs, business requirements, and user activity. Select paths based on performance metrics such as bandwidth, latency, availability, or location and identity jurisdiction. For example, users may choose to avoid a specific location such as China or restrict their data to EU-only jurisdictions.


Gain absolute control

Select and grant access to other users on your network, or hide your resources completely from certain accounts based on location through geo-fencing, status, identification and more. Network parameters can be updated on-the-fly and paths can be set up and changed without the need to call upon your network service provider.


Unparalleled security

Access to a network has never been this safe for your users. With DDoS protection and anti-hijacking measures built-in, your access to the next-generation internet can always be trusted. Connections and transmissions remain secure and reliable.


Upgrade your tech

With an extensive focus on security and reliability, the next-generation internet ecosystem is a step-up from legacy technologies such as IP-VPN and MPLS. No other architecture offers as much control over both inbound and outbound traffic.


Unmatched reliability

Anapaya EDGE delivers unmatched reliability and customer peace of mind through its near-instantaneous reroute solutions. If a network node fails or a route is no longer available, EDGE switches to a working path in milliseconds – a process that can take minutes through other solutions. Anapaya EDGE users will hardly notice the difference.


SCION-Internet and Anapaya Software

Anapaya EDGE - Monitoring Dashboard

The Anapaya monitoring dashboard

Part of Anapaya's centralised management solution, the monitoring tool offers deep, end-to-end network insights for your business.

Bring control back to your business through a centralised dashboard designed to give you an overview of your network. Take advantage of path visualisation to optimise and capitalise on resource pathways and track important data like bandwidth, latency, and jitter with automated alerts.

Define your key policies, like "stay in this jurisdiction", "avoid this region" or "use the shortest or cheapest path".


Gain an EDGE on the competition

If you seek a reliable, secure and flexible business network solution that offers complete control, then the Anapaya EDGE is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Gain the Anapaya EDGE today, and discover the potential of your network infrastructure.

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