SCiON up to 25% faster than today’s Internet

Author. Lukas Bischofberger     Jul 21, 2022
SCiON up to 25% faster than today’s Internet

SCiON can make your connections to the cloud more efficient, fast and reliable.

In today's fast-paced environment, the faster your solution, the more efficiently you will be able to accomplish your goals. There are many devices, applications and services out there that offer various degrees of speed - but only one element has an effect on all of them. Connectivity.

The speed, security, and reliability of your connectivity directly impact how your applications function, how efficient your devices are and how effective the services you use become. It is the single best investment you can make whether you’re running a business or looking to become more personally productive.

However, is the internet today the best solution for connectivity? This blog will explore how SCiON is changing our expectations for speed, security and reliability.

The importance of speed, reliability and security

When it comes to connectivity, there are three primary facets to consider:

  • Speed - as to how responsive and efficient a solution is.
  • Reliability - as to the extent of how effective a solution is.
  • Security - as to how safe and protected your data is when using a solution.

SCiON is a secure and reliable solution for connectivity. With its complete immunity to routing attacks and extremely high protection against the threat of DDoS attacks, there’s no other connectivity solution that comes even close to SCiON. This is why SCiON technology is used exclusively by large organizations and government agencies to conduct highly secure and confidential communications.

While SCiON has been recognized as the ideal connectivity solution for reliability and security, how fast is it? We found out for you.


SCiON is 20%-25% faster than the traditional internet

Independent testing was conducted from Anapaya’s Swiss headquarters to Amazon Web Services’ Paris server via both regular internet connection and SCiON. The results indicate that there was a significant difference in speed and latency of the Round-Trip Time (RTT), the duration between the browser sending and receiving transmissions from a server.

Based on the results, the SCiON’s path-aware networking was measured at 12.7 milliseconds - with a 20-25% lower latency and faster speed than the internet today.

Initial results confirmed the conclusion that SCiON is more reliable, secure, and faster than the internet as we know it. This has important implications for businesses and agencies that rely on cloud computing and connectivity to conduct their daily operations.

What a faster connection means for you

A faster connectivity solution essentially means having a lower latency between inputs and so a more fluid experience for users of whatever service or application is utilizing the connectivity service.


Lower latency means that video services like webinars and conference calls can be easier and more productive. Achieving faster speeds also means real-time services are more effective such as retrieving critical information or conducting quality customer service.

Financial services

SCiON’s speed also assists financial services. With the financial sector becoming increasingly digitized, banks need to conduct their online financial activities such as instant payments in a consistent and secure manner. Network delays can have a significant and costly impact on financial operations, forcing users and banks to take longer with highly sensitive and critical online actions.

Future Tech

Outside of digital applications, IoT implementations rely heavily on low latency and high-speed connectivity. Sensors, meters, and transmitters can all benefit from reduced latency. Future-thinking technologies such as autonomous cars, AR and VR applications like the Metaverse will all require low latency and high speeds to have any real use for modern life.

Get the best of both worlds

Organizations like banks, governments, and multinational businesses can all benefit from enhanced efficiency and reduced operational time. With SCiON, individuals and organizations no longer need to choose between having a secure and reliable connection or a fast one. They can now have both. If you’re ready to join the next evolution of connectivity, visit our webpage or contact us and get ready for faster, more reliable connectivity.


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