Introducing the SCION internet

The Internet today uses a 34-year old border gateway protocol. It was never developed for fast, reliable and secure connectivity to ensure your business continuity.

It's time for a change.

The problem with the existing internet

Organisations need an application-aware, easy-to-manage, robust and secure solution to support their business continuity - but what are the options?

The traditional internet?


Public and available yet insecure and unreliable.

Existing MPLS?


Secure and resilient yet private and inflexible.

The SCION INTERNET - the best of both worlds

SCION is the most secure and reliable open inter-domain routing protocol designed from inception to provide full control to the senders of information. It combines the flexibility and accessibility of the public Internet with the security and dependability of a private MPLS.

Controlled Data Exchange

Set up path selection policies to choose how your data is transmitted and avoid certain jurisdictions or regions.

Secure Networking

Avoid routing attacks and be protected from DDoS attacks with hidden paths and source authentication.

Reliable Performance

Automatically choose the best path for network traffic with multiple path options to never experience downtime.

Optimal Connections

Instantly reroute data to maintain continuity or boost performance in the case of failure or maintenance.

Data Compliance

Control where your data goes and comply with regulatory and internal security requirements.

Cloud Connectivity

Guaranteed connectivity to cloud service providers without any dedicated leased lines.
Prof.Dr. Adrian Perrig

“SCION is uniquely positioned as it solves the root causes of the Internet’s security problems – in contrast to other solutions focused on solving symptoms. Many industries have shown a strong interest in our solutions and we look forward to serving them through Anapaya Systems.”


Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig
Computer Science Professor and Network Security Group Lead at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Anapaya Systems Co-founder

SCION stands for Scalability, Control, and Isolation on Next-generation Networks.

SCION is the first clean-slate Internet architecture designed to provide route control, failure isolation, and explicit trust information for end-to-end communication. SCION organizes existing ASes into groups of independent routing planes, called isolation domains, which interconnect to provide global connectivity.

Isolation domains provide natural isolation of routing failures and misconfigurations, give endpoints strong control for both inbound and outbound traffic, provide meaningful and enforceable trust, and enable scalable routing updates with high path freshness.

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Anapaya connects organisations and end users on the SCION internet.

Accessing and using the SCION-Internet helps organisations increase their business continuity, their global performance, and enables them to reliably access and use the network with virtually no risk of noticeable interruptions or security problems.


Join the SCION-internet through Anapaya

Anapaya is leading the way towards the next generation of the Internet. Our solutions can help you remain secure, confident, and reliable online for global performance and business continuity.

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