The SCION-Internet

The Better Way To Connect

The SCION-Internet is an international ecosystem of telecom, hosting, colocation and cloud that collaborate to create a new B2B-oriented internet. This next-generation network enables businesses to connect their users, partners and customers to their apps and resources in a path-aware, more available, performant and secure way.

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Accessing and using the SCION-Internet helps organisations increase their business continuity, their global performance, and reliably access and use the network with virtually no risk of noticeable interruptions or security problems.

SCION stands for Scalability, Control, and Isolation On Next-generation networks, and built upon these core attributes is the SCION-Fabric.

What is the problem with the existing solutions?


Organisations are looking for application-aware, easy to manage, robust and secure solutions to support their business continuity.

For SD-WAN, application-awareness and ease of management are paramount. However, performance, trust and availability depend only on the properties of the underlying networks.



Public, available everywhere, but...insecure by design.



Secured, resilient, robust, but... private.

Indeed, the problems with today’s internet or private network for wide-area networking (IP-VPN or SD-WAN) are numerous. Businesses would appreciate using a public network to share data also outside their organisation, but the internet is unreliable, insecure and drastically lacks control.

The traditional alternative is to use private networks, but they are inflexible and particularly expensive, especially in international contexts.

An organisation using IP-VPN and SD-WAN would benefit from a new public network offering a better level of availability, security and, above all, real control from end-to-end.

Introducing the SCION protocol: a more reliable, secure and transparent approach to networking.


SCION is the protocol at the core of everything we do for Service Providers. It is the cornerstone of why our solutions are more reliable, secure and flexible than other networking solutions on the market.

SCION is the most secure and reliable open inter-domain routing protocol designed from inception to provide full control to the senders of information. By its very nature, SCION offers three unique properties critical for business communication: control, reliability and security.

SCION provides control

SCION is designed to provide path-control, failure isolation, and explicit trust information for end-to-end communication. This gives end-users strong control over their traffic, providing meaningful and enforceable trust, and enabling high path-awareness.


Policy-based path selection

Select how your information is transmitted based on policies you select that optimise for location, speed, cost and quality.



Set-up path selection policies to avoid certain jurisdictions or regions to boost security and reliability.

SCION provides reliability

The SCION protocol enables multi-path communication, which is essential for high availability, rapid failover in case of network failures, reserved global bandwidth, dynamic traffic optimisation, and resilience to attacks.



The SCION protocol gives you multiple path options so that there is always a suitable path, and never down-time.


Fast fail-over

With access to multiple paths, the SCION protocol enables users to switch paths in sub-second in the case of a pathing failure.

SCION provides security

The SCION architecture provides strong resilience and security properties as an intrinsic consequence of its design preventing many attacks by design.


Routing attack immunity

By its very nature, SCION is immune to a large array of routing attacks (e.g. prefix hijacking).


DDoS protection

Through hidden paths, source authentication and global bandwidth reservation, SCION offers reliable protection from DDoS attacks.

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"SCION is uniquely positioned as it solves the root causes of the Internet’s security problems – in contrast to other solutions focused on solving symptoms. Many corporations have shown a strong interest in our solutions and we look forward to serve them through Anapaya Systems."

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig,
Chairman & Co-Founder, Anapaya

Diagram: the SCION-Internet

Join the SCION-Internet through Anapaya

Accessing and using the SCION-Internet helps organisations increase their business continuity, their global performance, and enables them to reliably access and use the network with virtually no risk of noticeable interruptions or security problems.

Businesses need Anapaya EDGE, the on-premise gateway to the SCION-Internet, and access provided by a SCION-enabled service provider.

The enabled participant deployed Anapaya CORE and are interconnected to form a global network that offers greater reach and extremely reliable and secure connectivity.

The SCION-Internet is present in Europe and Asia. Expansions in Europe and Asia, America and the Middle East will follow in the coming quarters.

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Anapaya CORE

Anapaya CORE is the software required on the service provider’s network to be SCION-enabled, to join the SCION-Fabric and to offer unprecedented connectivity for their clients.

Anapaya CORE provides distinct advantages for users, namely:

  • A compelling connectivity solution offering the best in control, reliability and security.
  • Extended network reach, globally.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • Value-added service offerings for end-customers.
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Anapaya EDGE

The Anapaya EDGE is the customers’ gateway to enter and control the network through the SCION-Fabric. It is available in a virtual or appliance form-factor, to be installed on physical premises or in a cloud environment.

Anapaya EDGE enables users to take advantage of its many benefits, such as:

  • A more controlled, secure and reliable connection.
  • The ability to create policy-based end-to-end path selection, giving you total control over your networking.
  • Scaling according to your needs.
  • Centralised management and control over the network.
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