Anapaya Networking Solutions for Business

Anapaya’s networking solutions deliver reliability, transparency, security, and flexibility at the heart of your network.

We enable control over what data takes priority, allow you to define which routes are used, and give you comfort in the knowledge that your information is secure from transmission to arrival at its intended destination.

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Know where your data travels

Control the path your data takes, ensuring that it doesn’t leave certain jurisdictions (geo-fencing) or pass through untrusted providers. Trusted routes ensure that your data can not be hijacked and potentially decrypted by rogue nations or other bad actors.


Secure business communications

Anapaya enables you to securely and transparently transport critical business data across the world; sending information between your corporate sites, to trusted partners, or between hosted business applications.


Protect against attacks

Hidden-paths provide protection against DDoS and other network attacks and ensure guaranteed connectivity for you and your partners and customers.


Reliability and instant fail-over

The Anapaya EDGE also brings with it unmatched reliability. If a network node fails or a route is no longer available, the Anapaya EDGE switches to a working route in sub-seconds – a process which can take minutes in today’s internet.


A trusted network

Transmit your data in a highly efficient, reliable, and transparent manner. The SCION-Internet removes the need to use a single global network service provider and eliminates the need for private wide-area networks.


Saving you time and money

With central management and instant network updates, Anapaya brings the control of your network back into your business, saving you time and money.


Self-service network management

Anapaya EDGE is your gateway to the SCION-Internet. Network parameters can be updated on-the-fly and routes can be setup and changed without the need to call upon your network service provider.

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Gain an EDGE on the competition

If you need a reliable, secure and flexible business network solution that offers complete control, then the Anapaya EDGE is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Gain the EDGE today, and discover the potential of your network infrastructure.

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Find out more

If your business expects reliability, performance, transparency, security, and flexibility within its network infrastructure, then SCION-Internet and Anapaya EDGE is the solution to choose.

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