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Internet-based networking solutions are often unreliable, insecure and lack the transparency and control that you, as a service provider, need to offer as a quality service to your customers.

For the first time, our partners are custom-designing paths based on customer policies and needs such as high-quality conference calls, price differences, jurisdiction compliance, express routes to Cloud Service providers, and more. 

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SCION is not just another network solution - it represents a paradigm shift in digital experience. By offering SCION partners set themselves apart with a solution that ensures full control over their data.


Benefits for partners

Partners gain exclusive benefits and advantages when they join Anapaya’s SCION network.

New Monetization Models

Offer continuity, guaranteed communication, geo-fencing, and path optimization to take your service to the next level.

Secure Networking

Eliminate routing attacks and be protected from DDoS attacks with hidden paths and source authentication.

Premium Routes

Traffic policies, classes, and performance metrics let you offer intelligent optimizations as value-added services.

Extended Reach

Connect directly with peers previously unreachable, and offer global networks to your customers.

Optimal Connections

Instantly reroute data to maintain connectivity or boost performance in the case of failure or maintenance.

Reduced Operational Clutter

Save hours by letting EDGE users define what they need without dedicating your own resources.

Featured partner
- Swisscom

Discover how the SCION Internet transformed connectivity for Swisscom and their clients from Swisscom representative, Stefan Berg.


SCION for your clients

SCION extends beyond improving your performance as a service provider. By enabling your network to access the SCION-Internet, your clients will experience a better networking experience that focuses on transparency, control, reliability and security.

Complete control

SCION offers control like no other solution. Your customers will gain the ability to geofence and exclude certain countries or untrusted providers while offering end-to-end path control and path-based traffic optimisation policies.

Guaranteed connectivity

Never experience network downtime again with uninterrupted connectivity. The SCION-Internet is naturally immune to security risks and resilient against connection failures. From various built-in DDoS defence mechanisms to immunity to routing attacks such as prefix hijacking, SCION can switch between paths in sub-seconds, effectively extinguishing any traffic interruptions automatically and near instantaneously.

Resources for partners

Case study

Console Connect

Get an inside look into how Console Connect by PCCW Global helped Anapaya Systems build a flexible backbone for SCION.

Data Sheet

How can you benefit from SCION?

SCION is a new service designed for the needs of businesses that rely upon connectivity. Providers who become SCION-abled can generate new revenue streams, reduce costs, and offer a new, unique advantage over competitors.


Enhancing WAN connectivity and services for Swiss organisations with the next-generation internet

This paper analyses in which way new approaches can help to address requirements such as flexibility, reach, and agility - contributing to the next-generation internet focusing on B2B communications.

Training Sessions

SCION Basic Training


For individuals on the lookout for innovative ideas. Certification test available.


✓ The internet today
✓ Problem and solution overview
✓ Anapaya, the SCION tech provider
✓ How SCION works
✓ Q&A

✓ Certification (optional)



Price 250 CHF

Venue: Anapaya Systems, Hardturmstrasse 253, 8005 Zürich

SCION Specialist Training

For network infrastructure experts and IT professionals. Certification test available.

✓ The internet's vulnerabilities 
✓ Overview of SCION
✓ Details of control plane
✓ Details of data plane
✓ Use cases
✓ Q&A
✓ Certification (optional)


Price 250 CHF

Venue: Anapaya Systems, Hardturmstrasse 253, 8005 Zürich

SCION Operator Training

For network infrastructure pros and implementation teams (upon request)


✓ Network Layering
✓ Common Appliance Setups
✓ Domain Configurations
✓Configuring a SCION Network in the Online Training Environment
✓ Intro to the online environment
✓ Q&A

The SCION-Internet

The SCION-Internet is an international ecosystem of technology service providers that collaborate to create a B2B-oriented internet, enabling enterprises to connect their users, partners and customers to their apps and resources in a path aware, more available, performant and secure way.

Legacy Networks, Legacy Problems

Other solutions offered by MPLS, SD-WAN and VPNs take minutes to restore connectivity, and are not as reliable, secure or controllable as a SCION-enabled network. They lack a clear way to control data, protect users from cyber attacks and deal with network shortages.

A Step-up on Traditional Networking

SCION is the only solution for service providers that offer dynamic path control and hidden path measures making it the most controllable, reliable and secure networking solution on the market. It goes beyond other networking solutions by offering a fast fail-over in sub-seconds due to its access to multiple paths.

Products for partners

Enhancing your connectivity offering has never been easier. All you need to become SCIONabled is to install Anapaya CORE and use CONNECT to access the SCION Internet. Find out more on our products page.



Anapaya CORE is required for ISPs to join the SCION-network and offer unprecedented connectivity for their clients. With the installation of a few border routers and core services, you’re up and ready to connect your clients to the SCION-Internet by re-using your existing intra-domain communication networks.



Anapaya EDGE enables users to access the SCION internet. EDGE can be installed physically or in a cloud environment. Anapaya EDGE ensures quick, effective, and reliable deployment for any end-customer, without the usual large-scale changes to end host’s, VPN, or firewall settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can SCION add to my services?

SCION adds resiliency to your own services with guaranteed communication, geo-fencing, and path optimization, and greater protection from cyber-attacks. It also opens up completely new Monetization Models like traffic policies, classes, and performance metrics for your customers.

How do I become a partner?

In order to join the SCION-Internet, you will have to connect with one Tier1 SCION-transit provider, for example, from Anapaya CONNECT. This will enable you to reach all the other participants in the SCION-Internet, and become part of the next-generation internet. If you would like to benefit from the end-to-end multi-pathing features, 2 connections with Tier 1 transit providers are recommended. Contact us today to get started.

What is SCION?

SCION, standing for Scalability, Control, and Isolation On next-generation Networks, is a protocol that aims to make connecting to networks more secure, controllable, and reliable. Due to the smart usage of cryptography routing information, SCION is immune to route hijacking. SCION is path-aware and gives the control to the sender, enabling real end-to-end path-control, true multi-pathing, geo-fencing, DDoS protection, and more. Connected networks that use SCION are collectively known as the SCION-Internet.

How is SCION different from SD-WAN?

SCION, unlike an SD-WAN solution, does not rely on overlay tunnels and supports a completely new type of underlying network. SCION network is more comparable to the internet or MPLS VPN than SD-WAN solutions but with improved security and control. However, SCION can complement existing SD-WAN solutions by offering real end-to-end path control (including the middle-mile), protection against hijacking, and deeper network insights.

What are the Autonomous Systems (AS) Requirements?

Users can reuse their Internet AS name as well as only use one AS for domestic ISPs. However, we recommend using more SCION-ASes than Internet-ASes in order to benefit from better path control, multi-pathing, and isolation.

What does Anapaya offer?

Anapaya Systems provides users the opportunity to access the SCION-Internet through its own industrial-grade implementation of the SCION protocol. Users can thus connect to their peers in a highly secure, reliable, and controllable way. We offer industrial-grade SCION-based components for Service Providers (Anapaya CORE) and Enterprises (Anapaya EDGE) as well as professional services to help customers learn, install and operate their solutions with connectivity services.

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