Securely interconnecting financial institutions through different service providers.

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The Challenge

Financial data and transactions are some of the most sensitive information commonly transmitted between organisations.

A financial organisation is seeking a trusted, reliable and geo-fenced way to share data between different banking partners that are each using their own individual service providers.

With their current approach, each partner organisation is connected to others through a central connection. When new partner interconnects are required, it is a time consuming and error prone process.

They require a high level of security, a high degree of flexibility and the ability to avoid the man-in-the-middle.


The Solution

Several independent service providers are enabled with Anapaya CORE and interconnected together.

Using Anapaya EDGE gateways, the individual financial institutions are able to connect to the SCION-Internet through their own service provider.

Despite the fact that each partner is using a different ISP, they are able to setup secure and trusted routes connecting each of their organisations across the SCION-Internet.

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The Results

  • Geo-fenced routing security
  • No more central hub
  • Multiple service providers
  • Public network for sensitive data


With Anapaya providing the ability to create direct connections between institutions over multiple service providers, there is no longer a need for a central interconnect partner.

Using Anapaya's networking solution organisations will be able to create a reliable, multi-path communication network to exchange financial information between one another.

The SCION-Internet ensures that all traffic is authenticated and provides immunity to hijacking. It also enables end-to-end path control and give institutions the ability to select which jurisdiction their data must stay within.

A pilot based on the Anapaya technology is underway in one of the world's most famous financial centres, which is even benefiting from additional goodies.

If you would like to know more about using Anapaya solutions and the SCION-Internet to interconnect your financial services organisation, contact us today.


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