Why Anapaya CONNECT?

Find out why you should use Anapaya CONNECT for your WAN.


Augment your existing international SD-WAN solution

  • Provide control over the routes your data travels
  • Stabilise network performance
  • Immunity to routing and DDoS attacks
Businesses today demand a fast, reliable and controllable online environment in which to send and receive data. Network performance and security are just as important for operations as it is for the business itself. Anapaya is the missing link that businesses serious about connectivity need.

Anapaya’s solutions can complement existing SD-WAN solutions by offering real end-to-end path control (including the middle-mile), protection against route hijacking, prevention of DDoS attacks and deeper network insights.

With Anapaya, you will gain complete control over where your data travels and the ability to guarantee high performance and reliability whenever you send data online. By utilising fast path-switching that changes from faulty pathing within milliseconds, users can continue as usual without noticing any downtime. With customisable routing and pathing options, you control where your data goes and how it gets there.

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Migrate from expensive international MPLS

  • Avoid excessive fees for international connections by using the next-generation internet
  • Use the path best-suited for the type of data you’re transferring
MPLS has historically offered great performance and high reliability, but enterprises today are finding it expensive and inflexible. Solutions using the legacy internet often fail to adequately provide the global performance and reliability that businesses desire. This leaves businesses with a choice between the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of alternative solutions, or the performance and reliability of MPLS.

With Anapaya’s solutions, you no longer have to choose. Anapaya gives businesses the opportunity to migrate from expensive MPLS connections to a robust and secure solution at a fraction of the cost. Anapaya enables you to maintain reliable worldwide performance with the availability and reliability of a localised solution.

Our proven solution has helped enterprises around the world with sensitive information protect their data and operate securely, efficiently and without fear of cyber attacks.

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Keep data within defined jurisdictions

  • Retain data sovereignty
  • Comply with legal regulations regarding data transfer across international borders
  • Verify where your data went

Data is one of the most important resources enterprises have today, yet so many have little to no control over where it goes and who has access to it. Once data is sent from one location to another, it can be routed through paths that are inefficient at best and insecure at worst.

Anapaya gives the control back to you by enabling you to retain data sovereignty with customisable smart pathing features. This allows enterprises to comply with legal regulations regarding data transfer across international borders and verify where their data went. Geo-fencing capabilities allow you to avoid certain jurisdictions completely and create policy-based path selections as defined by your needs, business requirement and user activity.

Now you have the power to gain absolute control. Select paths by location or identified jurisdiction.

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Establish trusted paths between global data centres

  • Use multiple paths for improved business continuity
  • Improve the communication with your connected ecosystems
  • Avoid untrusted jurisdictions

For any enterprise to have peace of mind, they need to establish trusted paths between global data centres. Anapaya provides this service and more to enterprises and service providers around the world. 

To ensure business continuity, Anapaya enables the definition of multiple paths between destinations. In the event of one of these failing, the network will instantly self-heal, switching to an alternative path within milliseconds and ensuring that your communications remain reliable and secure, with one solution

Today, your data is more vulnerable than ever before, and with DDoS and routing attacks growing in number every day, it’s no longer acceptable to leave your data uncontrolled and unprotected.

Anapaya enables you to avoid untrusted jurisdictions to secure your data and your sensitive information whenever you send it, wherever it goes. Select paths based on performance metrics with high bandwidth or low latency. With Anapaya, the choice is yours.

Your data is a critical asset to your business. It’s time to improve your communications with your connected ecosystems with the best technology available.

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