A secure WAN through the next-generation internet

Anapaya CONNECT provides control over how your data traverses the network; ensuring secure, performant and trusted WAN communications.


Despite its flexibility and openness the legacy internet can not be trusted to guarantee enterprise-class security, performance or control. Anapaya CONNECT provides secure and trusted communication of critical business data; sending information between corporate sites, trusted partners, and cloud providers.

Why choose Anapaya CONNECT ?


Share with the world

Ubiquitous connectivity to numerous organisations and service providers through the SCION-Internet.


Enforce data compliance

Control where your data goes. Comply with regulatory and internal security requirements. Secured against  route hijacking.


Stay optimally connected

Instantly reroute data to retain business continuity or increase performance. Protected against DDoS attacks.


Attach as you want

Choose to connect through your existing internet access or directly by ethernet within 60+ data centres. Or go through partners.

Secure gateways around the world

With strategically positioned Points-of-Present (PoPs) and over 60 data centres across 13 countries, Anapaya provides secure and trusted coverage to the world’s most important centres of business.

For complete details of our network locations or a quote for your connection, contact us.

Trusted global and regional connectivity

Two ways to attach to the network

Anapaya CONNECT offers you two ways to reach the network; through your cost-effective internet access or directly over a dedicated ethernet line from the local provider of your choice.

Diagram: Two ways to attach to the network

Direct ethernet connectivity

To provide you with the most reliable and secure way to connect Anapaya offers a number of direct ethernet connections opportunities:

Local ethernet ports are available directly within key datacenters at 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

Metro, National and Regional ethernet ports offer cost effective extensions that enable you to connect through your closest datacenter. These are available at up to 1Gbps.

You connect to the selected port with standard ethernet private line (EPL or EVPL, also known as e-line) from any carrier. Or a simple cross-connection if you are located in the same datacenter.

Diagram: Direct ethernet connectivity

Connect through the internet

As a flexible alternative Anapaya also provides the ability to reach our PoPs through a secure tunnel over an existing internet access.

Internet ports are available at speeds of up to 1Gbps world-wide.


Secure transit to your destination

Once attached your traffic is ready to travel through the Anapaya network.

Zone transit allows you to connect to services and applications within the same geographic zone for a single, cost-effective fee.

Global transit is the superior connectivity solution, allowing managed traffic to be exchanged with peers anywhere around the world.


The Anapaya EDGE

Anapaya EDGE is your gateway into Anapaya CONNECT. The EDGE brings together robust networking hardware with software that defines the properties, and monitors the performance, of your network.

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4 simple steps to CONNECT

  1. Configure local access - Connect to the nearest PoP through your preferred service provider.

  2. Select your ports - Decide whether you want an ethernet or internet connection to connect to within your local PoP.

  3. Choose your preferred transit - Select the most appropriate transit option and zones for your application.

  4. Connect your Anapaya EDGE - The gateway to the network, an EDGE router is required to define your business policies and control your network utilisation.

And that’s all…

Note: For direct ethernet connections, don't forget to order the cross-connect to the Anapaya port from your carrier.


Connect your WAN

Anapaya is delivering the next generation of the internet, today.

Once connected, you can communicate securely with any other peers connected to Anapaya CONNECT as well as any other organisation connected to any service provider that participates in the SCION-Internet.

To find out more about Anapaya CONNECT or connect mission critical information, through a trusted and secure network, contact us or book an introductory meeting now.