The CORE of your connectivity

Service Providers, take your connectivity to the next level. Offer your clients the best in networking reliability and security with Anapaya CORE. Anapaya CORE is your key to the SCION-Internet. It supercharges your network using the world-class SCION infrastructure and converts your business network into a world-class service with industrial-grade components.

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The fastest way to access SCION

With its streamlined deployment and easy adaptability, Anapaya CORE provides the fastest route to a SCION-based infrastructure. Anapaya CORE re-uses the existing intra-domain communication network and requires only a few border routers to get you up and running on SCION-Internet.


More reliable, better performance

Forget minor inconveniences and focus on delivering world-class services to your clients. Anapaya CORE runs on standard x86 COTS servers, at a speed of up to 100Gbit/s, eliminating the need to invest in expensive appliances.


Flexible upgrades

Anapaya CORE grows with your business, giving you the ability to upgrade your solution readily and quickly, without any hidden additional charges. By providing a clear separation between the control- and data-planes, Anapaya CORE enables you to upgrade your capacity whenever you like.


Reduce operational clutter

With traditional networking solutions, any change to a network adds an additional operational step for your IT team and provider. With Anapaya, end-users can reconfigure their networks in an instant through Anapaya EDGE. This means no more complex circuit building for every requested change.


SCION-grade security

Anapaya CORE offers the best in cyber-defense and is completely immune to routing attacks. By employing DDoS defense mechanisms such as hidden paths, source authentication and global bandwidth reservation, CORE offers complete security for its users.


Ultimate connectivity

With Anapaya CORE, you are always connected, and service is never interrupted. Anapaya EDGE can switch between paths within sub-seconds, effectively extinguishing any interruptions of traffic automatically and near instantaneously.


SCION-Internet and Anapaya Software

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Anapaya CORE enables access to the SCION-Internet

Anapaya CORE is the B2B-oriented interpretation of the SCION-Internet, adapted for use by service providers around the world.

The SCION-Internet is an international ecosystem of technology service providers that collaborate to create a new B2B-oriented internet, enabling enterprises to connect their users, partners, and customers to their apps and resources in a path aware, more available, performant and secure way.

In other words, it’s the next, fully optimised evolution of B2B internet.

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How to setup Anapaya CORE

Anapaya CORE must be installed by service providers in order to access the SCION-Internet. Anapaya CORE is built around border routers serving as the data-plane and core services operating on the control-plane. Where possible, it reuses any existing internal network assets.

The core services are installed in your physical or virtual data center while the border routers are installed at specific interconnection points with other SCION-enabled providers.

Once Anapaya CORE is setup for within a service provider, any clients can access and use the SCION-Internet via Anapaya EDGE.

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Get up and running faster with CORE-as-a-Service

CORE-as-a-Service allows service providers to outsource day-to-day network operations to our specialists while you train your team up to take over. That enables you to implement and offer the SCION-Internet within your packages without the need for any downtime. Once you are ready to start taking over, you can define which management aspects you would like to take-over and which you want to leave with the Anapaya team.

Our CORE managed service includes

  • the CORE software (border routers and core services)
  • the initial roll-out of the infrastructure (and optionally the physical appliances)
  • remote management by a team of specialists, including monitoring, configuration, upgrading or updates, troubleshooting and more

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Connect to the CORE

The best in network connectivity starts with Anapaya CORE - Anapaya’s access to the SCION technology. Give your network the SCION advantage with Anapaya CORE, and offer your clients a new and better networking solution today.

Contact us now and get in touch to find out more about Anapaya CORE and the SCION-Internet.

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