SCION myths debunked – Myth #1

Author. Patrick Bollhalder     Jul 4, 2024
SCION myths debunked – Myth #1

"Anapaya, as a young company, lacks the stability & experience of a reliable partner."

Guess again! 

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, we are asked about our experience and long-term stability. Take a look at why industry leaders and global businesses choose to partner with us — and how you can too! 


Stability ✅ 

Scaling up now  

We are no longer a startup but a scaleup – now in operation for more than five years. Our most recent funding rounds of over 10 million Swiss francs include several solid business investors, like Cape Capital and SIX Fintech Ventures. We're always looking ahead to the next steps: expanding into international markets, growing our team, and fostering more innovation.

No proprietary dependency 

Anapaya’s networking solutions are based on SCION. SCION is a standard protocol that allows old networks to be upgraded without impacting the design or architecture at the application level. The migration risk introduced by any CISCO product that might be retired or replaced by another product is far higher than the risk that Anapaya might suddenly disappear from the market. In fact, SCION does not introduce any proprietary dependencies on Anapaya as a vendor, nor does it require migrations at the application layer. Companies like CISCO, Palo Alto, and other network security firms almost always introduce product dependencies and/or impact communication at the application layer – like with deep packet inspections (DPIs) or by introducing the use of threat databases. SCION works differently and does not interfere with the application layer, providing long-term peace of mind.

Experience ✅ 

Partnering with global ISPs

We're the only technology provider of SCION to date; together with local and global ISPs, such as Amazon Web Services, Swisscom, Sunrise, Finastra, and Digital Realty, we are building the SCION Internet so that any customers, anywhere, can deploy SCION easily.  Established and global players trust us to deliver for them. 

Servicing industry leaders    

Most importantly, we have many customers that are successfully using our technology, spanning from military applications and health care systems all the way through to the financial sector. One of the most prominent operational infrastructures based on the products of Anapaya is the Swiss Secure Finance Network SSFN – connecting all banks that are clearing Swiss francs. 

Best-in-class SCION team

The team behind the technology is the best in the SCION space. Many of our engineers come straight from ETH, where they learned SCION inside and out from its inventor, Adrian Perrig. They know SCION better than anyone else. Our talents could work anywhere with their track record, but they chose Anapaya – this is perhaps the one element of our startup roots that we proudly maintain: the close-knit work environment allows each coworker to feel the hands-on impact they have on changing the Internet for the better.

Reliability ✅ 

Awards & certifications 

Our work has been recognized by Gartner not once, nor twice, but thrice – in their Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking, in both “enhanced Internet” and “cool vendor” categories. Perhaps more tellingly, we are also officially a certified vendor for the Swiss finance industry, one of the most demanding in terms of risk management. 

Smooth processes  

We also have well-defined end-to-end processes to ensure efficient operations, so we can focus on making sure the customer experience is the best it can be. If something does need to be improved,  we have a quick turn-around time not just in the implementation of new processes but also the optimization of current ones.

At Anapaya, Swiss precision meets passion for technology and real-time change. 




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