Anapaya, Sunrise and Swisscom join forces to launch Anapaya GATE to defend against DDoS and intrusion attacks

Author. Ivonne Cano-Hälg     May 16, 2024
Anapaya, Sunrise and Swisscom join forces to launch Anapaya GATE to defend against DDoS and intrusion attacks

Zurich, Switzerland — May 16, 2024 - Anapaya, a pioneer in network solutions built on the SCION architecture, is proud to announce the official launch of Anapaya GATE, a solution born out of a first of its kind partnership among leading internet service providers (ISPs) in Switzerland, Sunrise, and Swisscom, together with Anapaya. 

Anapaya GATE is a new way to obtain secure connectivity through the SCION Internet and prevent DDoS and intrusion attacks to critical business services exposed to the Internet such as VPN services for remote workers, IoT services and websites. Built on SCION, the solution offers resilience and security for businesses navigating today's increasingly complex digital landscape. By leveraging the combined network of multiple ISPs, Anapaya is offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the growing challenges of cyber threats, data privacy, and network performance.

"At Anapaya, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to create a safer and more resilient Internet for everyone," said Martin Bosshardt, CEO of Anapaya. "The launch of Anapaya GATE marks a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming the way organizations and individuals connect and communicate online."

Key benefits of the Anapaya GATE solution include: 

  • Enhanced security: Anapaya GATE, as an entry point to the SCION Internet, enables the reduction of the attack surface by up to 99.9% by making the service invisible to attackers.  

  • Optimal resilience: With the ability to control how your data travels with Anapaya GATE, customers enjoy uninterrupted network operations and constant connectivity.  

  • Easy to use: No installation is required to use Anapaya GATE making deployment easy, fast, and cost-effective with no additional hardware needs.  

Anapaya GATE is made possible through a groundbreaking collaboration between Anapaya and the leading ISP companies in Switzerland. Together, they joined forces to provide a comprehensive, nationwide access to the SCION Internet in support of a shared vision for a safer and more secure Internet.  

“This unique and unprecedented collaboration between Anapaya, Sunrise and Swisscom to provide Anapaya GATE access makes getting SCION connectivity incredibly easy and convenient for users,” said Dario Colacicco, Chief Product Officer at Anapaya. "Customers will need only one GATE service contract to benefit from connectivity across all associated providers, without the need for individual contracts with each ISP — a level of convenience and integration unprecedented in the telecommunications industry.

Marco Canepa,  Senior Director B2B Products & Alliances at Sunrise, added, "As an innovation leader it is very important to us to be part of this groundbreaking partnership. Anapaya GATE represents a significant advancement in Internet security, and we expect it will deliver immense value to businesses across Switzerland and beyond."

"This partnership exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines Switzerland's technology sector," said Orlando Spitale, Field CTO B2B at Swisscom. "By harnessing the collective strength of our ISP peers, we are delivering a solution that sets a new standard for Internet security and resilience."

Anapaya GATE is now available to businesses across Switzerland, with plans for international expansion in the near future. For more information about GATE and how it can benefit your organization, visit our website.

About Anapaya

Anapaya is a Swiss company that strives to enhance Internet security and connectivity through the SCION Internet architecture, a groundbreaking technology offering secure routing, resiliency against DDoS attacks, and high availability.  

Anapaya's solutions empower global businesses to operate with confidence in today's world by delivering higher security and flexibility for their business-critical services and data communication.

Together with its partner ecosystem of telecommunication companies, system integrators and cloud providers, Anapaya is making the SCION Internet accessible to everyone.

Customers include the Swiss National Bank and SIX with the Swiss Secure Finance Network, the Health Info Net with the Secure Swiss Health Network, and the Swiss Federal Administration, among others.  

Anapaya was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland.

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