SwissIX and Anapaya Systems to kick-start the adoption of SCION in Switzerland

Olivier Moll
Post by Olivier Moll
June 2, 2020
SwissIX and Anapaya Systems to kick-start the adoption of SCION in Switzerland

As a new technology, SCION is set to change the way companies transmit and receive data across the internet. Organisations, Service Providers, IXPs and businesses around the world are rapidly taking note of the value that SCION offers, and are making preparations to connect to the next-generation internet, also known as the SCION-Internet. In Switzerland, SwissIX in collaboration with Anapaya will be the first IXP in the world to offer a dedicated environment to interconnect natively via SCION, joining the SCION-Internet in a simple and cost-effective way. 

What is the SCION-Internet?

The SCION-Internet is an international ecosystem of internet, telecom, hosting, co-location and cloud service providers that collaborate to create a new B2B-oriented internet, enabling enterprises to connect their users, partners and customers to their apps and resources in a path aware, more available, effective and secure way.

Due to the automatic fail-safe pathing and the ability to region lock certain locations from data transmissions, using the SCION network is more reliable and secure than traditional networking solutions for users around the world. 

In short, the SCION-Internet provides:

  • A faster, more secure and reliable connection.
  • The ability to create policy-based path selection.
  • Control over networking traffic.
  • Geo-fencing to avoid certain jurisdictions or regions.
  • Immunity to DDoS attacks.
  • The ability to scale according to your needs.

Anapaya’s website has more information on the SCION-Internet, and why it’s such a game changer for users around the world.

SwissIX and SCION

In view of their goal to establish a country-wide neutral infrastructure for internet traffic, SwissIX has kickstarted the adoption of SCION in Switzerland. By collaborating with Anapaya Systems, they aim to offer access to the SCION-Internet in a simple, quick and cost-effective manner.

Through Anapaya Systems, a developer of industrial-grade SCION-components, SwissIX participants will be able to enjoy several SCION-centered benefits, such as:

  • One free SCION-port in SwissIX’s core data centers to perform bi-lateral peering or access Anapaya Systems’ transit service (1-to-all-connected) named Anapaya CONNECT.

  • 1Gbps of free best-effort local SCION-transit service, to exchange traffic with all the other SwissIX Participants also connected to Anapaya CONNECT via the SwissIX infrastructure.

  • 10Mbps of free best-effort non-local transit service, to exchange test traffic with all other Participants of the SCION-Internet connected to Anapaya CONNECT outside SwissIX.

  • Free standard support for SCION, 8am to 5pm CET (excluding public holidays in Switzerland / Zurich).

  • Free tutorials to use SCION on SwissIX infrastructure.

  • A yearly free technical workshop entitled “getting SCION running”.

  • A yearly free recommendation on moving from local transit to local bi-lateral peering connections.

  • 100Gbps ports will also be available, for a one-time fee to SwissIX. Readers interested in this option should contact SwissIX directly for more information.

A new way to connect

SCION is set to change the way businesses who value their data view networking solutions and use the internet. As an early adopter of SCION and the first IXP in the world to join the SCION-Internet through Anapaya, SwissIX is making great strides to offer a better way to connect than ever before.

Anapaya CONNECT and access to the SCION-Internet is now generally available for SwissIX participants. If you would like to find out more about implementing SCION as a service provider, visit Anapaya’s website, or contact Anapaya to find how you can offer SCION for your own customers.


Olivier Moll
Post by Olivier Moll
June 2, 2020
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