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Anapaya Recognised for Innovation in Network Security

Posted by Anapaya on 07 February, 2020
Wavestone CSRadarCH 2020 HD

Anapaya Systems has always strived to be the best at what we do - proving an innovative SCION networking solution that is both reliable and secure. Clients in the B2B industry value these virtues above all, and with our path-aware routing and solid defences against cyber attacks, we are one of the best solutions in the market for B2B networking. 

Thus, it brings us great honour to be recognised by Wavestone as an innovative solution for cybersecurity in Switzerland.

On The Radar

Wavestone is a management and digital consultancy firm with a workforce of over 2 800 employees across four continents. They annually evaluate and judge the best Swiss cybersecurity startups in their cybersecurity startups radar across five major categories:

  • Cybercrime
  • Networking
  • Data
  • Applications
  • Cloud
  • Users and their devices

Anapaya was listed amongst two other companies under the networking category for their innovations in network security.

Wavestone CSRadarCH 2020 HDThe Best in Networking Security

In order to be listed, Anapaya had to showcase how their new solution, in the form of the Anapaya CORE and EDGE, contributed an innovative approach that advanced the interests of cybersecurity worldwide.

Accessed through Anapaya, SCION offers users a reliable and secure connection to a B2B internet. SCION is immune to routing attacks and naturally offers solid cybersecurity measures such as hidden paths, source authentication and global bandwidth reservation.

These properties have secured Anapaya’s position as an innovative solution for cybersecurity in Switzerland.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Wavestone for their recognition and their contribution to helping users find the most secure solutions for their networking needs.

If you’d like to find out more, see Wavestone's Swiss Cybersecurity Radar 2020, and find more information on SCION here.