Zurich-Based Aequitec Leads Secure Financial Data Exchange with SCION Protocol, Supported by SIX, Anapaya and Cyberlink

Author. Ivonne Cano-Hälg     Apr 18, 2024
Zurich-Based Aequitec Leads Secure Financial Data Exchange with SCION Protocol, Supported by SIX, Anapaya and Cyberlink

Zurich, 18.04.2024 – Aequitec, a leading innovator in share register and corporate action software, together with Cyberlink and Anapaya, initiates a new era in data security through the adoption of the SCION protocol. This partnership not only marks a significant stride towards combating cyber threats but also aligns with the Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) initiative launched by SNB and SIX, aiming to bolster the financial sector's resilience against cyber risks.

The integration of SCION, a technology nurtured by ETH Zurich and implemented via Anapaya’s solutions, is a proactive measure against the growing menace of cyber threats. This move promises an internet that is not only more secure but also transparent and under the users' control, showcasing a commitment to data security that meets the high standards expected by Aequitec’s customers, i.e., CFOs and General Counsels.

The transition to SSFN, facilitated by a strategic partnership with Cyberlink, was accomplished within two weeks, demonstrating remarkable efficiency. Aequitec's CEO, Christian Wilk, expresses pride in this joint achievement, highlighting the enhanced security framework that now protects their clients' financial data.

Patrick Bollhalder, Anapaya’s Chief Business Development Officer, and Stephan Ulrich, Cyberlink's Chief Sales Officer, share their enthusiasm for the collaboration. They emphasize the importance of integrating SCION within the financial sector, supported by the SSFN initiative, to navigate the complexities of modern cyber threats.

The SSFN, a result of the strong collaboration between SNB and SIX alongside SCION software provider Anapaya, represents a fortified communication network for the Swiss financial sector. It ensures secure, flexible, and resilient data communication among authorized participants, increasing the security and stability of transactions and services like the SIC payment system.

Set to replace existing communication services with its superior functionality, the SSFN, based on the groundbreaking SCION technology, stands as a testament to the concerted efforts to enhance the cyber resilience of Switzerland's financial marketplace.

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About the companies

  • Aequitec: 
    Established in 2020, specializes in digitizing corporate governance processes, offering innovative software solutions.

  • Anapaya: 
    Founded in 2017 in Zurich, focuses on enhancing internet security and connectivity with the SCION architecture.

  • Cyberlink: 
    Since 1995, has been a premier Swiss managed service provider, pioneering the adoption of SCION in business ICT infrastructures.

  • SIX: 
    Facilitates secure and efficient financial transactions globally, enhancing the Swiss financial sector's cyber resilience with initiatives like SSFN.


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